For Educators

The Albuquerque Historical Society actively supports educators in our mission to promote and preserve all matters relating to the history of Albuquerque. Towards that end, we provide resources and incentives for Educators. These include:

Speakers Bureau

The Albuquerque Historical Society provides a Speakers Bureau as a resource for high school history and social studies teachers. Most topics are appropriate for a high school’s New Mexico history class. The teacher would need to prepare their students prior to the speaker’s presentation by having classroom discussion or student research on the topic. Volunteer speakers will provide their presentation upon request. Communication and scheduling is directly between the requesting teacher and the speaker. The speaker does not receive an honorarium. The speaker will indicate what audio visual equipment is needed. To find out what topics are currently available and to learn how to schedule a speaker, visit our Speakers Bureau page.

Source Documents

The Albuquerque Historical Society is in the process of establishing a source documents repository as a resource for high school history programs. Documents will cover basic historical events occurring since the initiation of statehood in 1912. Creation of this information will provide teachers with a readily available resource to help build lesson plans for the teaching of New Mexico history at the high school level. View our Source Documents Index page.

Teacher resource guides for Albuquerque’s Tricentennial

Albuquerque Historical Society - Tricentennial LogoAs part of the City’s celebration of it’s 300th anniversary, excellent resource guides were developed for teachers. Many lesson plans are available covering diverse topics such as geology, founding of Albuquerque, trade routes, land grants, civil war, the coming of the railroad, sports and many more. These are provided in grade appropriate pdfs. Download the 4th Grade Tricentennial Teacher’s Resource Guide or the 7th Grade Tricentennial Teacher’s Resource Guide.

New Mexico Magazine State Centennial Issue

Albuquerque Historical Society - New Mexico CentennialNew Mexico Magazine published a comprehensive thirteen page article on the History of New Mexico since 1912 in their January 2012 issue. Through the generous donations by individuals and businesses, the Albuquerque Historical Society was able to supply the January 2012 issue to all Albuquerque high schools and several other schools in the state. Now, the Editors of New Mexico Magazine have graciously allowed us to distribute this article to educators directly. Download the New Mexico Magazine January 2012 State Centennial Article.

There is also an extensive Teacher’s Guide to State Centennial Resources including sample lesson plans and classroom exercises managed by the University of New Mexico Libraries and funded by UNM’s Center for Regional Studies,

National History DayNHD Logo

The State Competitions for National History Day are held annually where students from around the state develop projects focused on various History themes. The Albuquerque Historical Society provides a $100 award.

National History Day Curriculum WorkshopNMHC Logo

The New Mexico Humanities Council provides a free workshop on using the National History Day Curriculum in your classroom. For teachers teaching grades 6-12. Receive a $50 stipend and free materials with attendance! Visit the New Mexico Humanities Council website for news on the 2015 sessions. The Albuquerque Historical Society pays the stipend!

NMHC Curriculum Workshop - Albuquerque Historical Society

NMHC Curriculum Workshop