The Albuquerque Historical Society (AHS) is a non-profit, membership organization of residents interested in promoting and preserving all matters relating to the history of Albuquerque, New Mexico and the surrounding communities. Founded in 1947 as the Old Town Historical Society, it originally focused on efforts to preserve the historic character of Old Town Albuquerque. Currently, AHS sponsors a series of monthly Programs and provides Educators with teacher resource guides. We also maintain a Speakers Bureau for primary and secondary schools and host a repository of Source Documents for education and research. To learn more about us visit our About page.

Become a Member of the Albuquerque Historical Society

We welcome new members of all ages. It is not necessary to be a historian or have prior knowledge of Albuquerque or New Mexico history. Members receive advance notice via e-mail about forthcoming events sponsored by the AHS, and other societies interested in history, plus opportunities to participate in community and educational outreach activities. To become a member or to renew your current membership, visit our AHS Membership page.

Cover of Space Pioneers: In Their Own WordsJune AHS Program
Space Pioneers of Albuquerque

Enjoy a tour through time as author Loretta Hall describes crucial contributions to space travel made by doctors, scientists, engineers, and assorted adventurers from Albuquerque.
The presentation will be at 2:00 pm on Sunday, June 17, 2018 at the Albuquerque Museum at 2000 Mountain Rd. NW in Old Town. Free parking south of the Museum and free admission to the Museum and the program. Read more.

June History Opportunities

There are many opportunities to participate in local and statewide history and cultural programs this month. View the June 2018 History & Culture Opportunities page compiled by Janet Saiers.

Albuquerque History Accolades

The Albuquerque Historical Society Accolades Program recognizes the contributions of individuals, businesses, groups, and public or private institutions whose efforts bring awareness to and/or contribute to our knowledge of the broad patterns of Albuquerque’s history; with an emphasis on recently occurring commemorative events. The criteria for receiving an AHS Accolade is broad and includes, but not limited to, recognizing institutions or groups that sponsor events to celebrate or raise awareness of Albuquerque history and individuals who raise awareness of Albuquerque history through talks, lectures, or other actions. To find out how to suggest a History Accolade or to view those awarded, visit our Albuquerque History Accolades page.

Alan Carlson – Researching Albuquerque Auto Racing History

Photo of Speedway Park

Speedway Park, c. 1950

Albuquerque native and historian, Alan Carlson, has been recognized with an Albuquerque History Accolade for researching the history of local auto racing, creating a collection of documents and photos for presentation and preservation. His love of the sport began as a youngster when he attended auto races with his parents. While he initially focused his research on the post-World War II era, he discovered that Albuquerque’s rich auto racing history went much further back. Read More.

AHS Member Participation Opportunity

The Albuquerque Historical Society often receives questions from people about Albuquerque history in general or as it relates to their personal lives. AHS board members reply to these questions with answers or referrals to other individuals and organizations that may have answers. AHS is inviting its members to help reply to such questions if they choose. If you are a member of AHS and would like to volunteer to help respond to AHS website inquiries, see our Member Participation on AHS Website Inquiries page.

Downtown Albuquerque Walking Tours

Free historic Downtown Albuquerque Walking Tours are available every Saturday at 10:00 am across from the Albuquerque Transportation Center at 1st and Central. For more info see our Downtown Albuquerque Walking Tours page.